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Get reminders for watering, fertilizing and more. Check out the magazine, share your experiences with the community and decorate your home with products from our online store. Best of all, you don't have to pay anything for the Plantbuddy app, you don't have to subscribe, and you don't have to sell your soul to us. That's a promise!

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Welcome to Plantbuddy

The joy about a new plant is huge! But after a short time the leaves begin to wilt, the flowers fall off or the plant is drooping. What happened?

You don't have to worry about this or any other question in the future. Your Plantbuddy will take care of all that for you - it will help you to keep your plants alive. And it's totally easy and stress-free. You simply create the matching room in your home in the app, add your plant to the room from a specially developed plant database and receive a notification when your plant needs care the next time. And if you get stuck on a question yourself, our community is there for you!

How do I not kill my plants 🪴 ? – 🥳

Over 2,000 plants and growing every day.
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Plantbuddy reminds you when you should take care of your plants.

You'll get a notification on your iPhone, iPad, and even your Apple Watch - and you can also decide what time you'd prefer to receive these notifications.

Available for free on the App Store

More features

  • Choose a name

    Give your plants completely individual names - or use the standard designation.

  • Homes & Rooms

    Add your plant to a predefined room or simply create as many rooms as you like with individual names and self-selected icons.

  • Watering schedule

    With a little more information, you can help your Plantbuddy determine the best possible watering schedule for your plant: Where is your plant located and what is its current size.

  • Rate your plant

    You can regularly rate your plants by their appearance and health. It's easy with just a few taps. Is it doing well or is it infested with pests?

  • Take photos

    Take your own photos of your plant, share them anonymously with the community, or just keep them private.

  • Plant cemetery

    You can create as many plants as you like - and if something should go wrong, there's also a plant graveyard.

Available for free on the App Store

Our pledge

  • Respected privacy

    Your data belongs to you. We are not a data leech and we do not sell data.

  • Forever free of charge

    Using the app is and will remain free of charge - without any annoying ads or subscriptions.

  • Registration optional

    You don't have to register – if you don't want to.

  • Updates and new features

    We regularly provide you with updates and develop new helpful features.

  • Personal support

    You have questions and need support? Use our free support and help.

Available for free on the App Store